Accelerate PRP

PRP: Should I Be Using It?

PRP, platelet-rich plasma, is touted by some to be a revolutionary treatment with the potential to heal or alleviate any number of ailments, from arthritis to tendinopathies to tendon tears or ruptures.

Available Now 2020 Price List

Please review and submit the new price list to your respective hospitals immediately. Contact Mike Johnson with any questions. View Price List

New Visitation Sites for your Surgeons

Shoulder Visitation Site Spotlight: Howard Routman, DO  Located in South Florida, Howard Routman, DO, will provide your surgeons with valuable insights on the Equinoxe System and industry. See below Dr.…

Updated Agent Handbook

The 2019 Agent Handbook can now be found on ExactechOne. Updates include pricing policy, ExactechGPS model changes, loaner order fees, audit rights, and compliance policy.

Know the Numbers!

A new JSES article in press concludes that at mean 50-month follow-up, cage glenoids showed significantly lower rates (>4x reduction) of both glenoid and humeral radiolucent lines with low complication…

Half-Size FIT Tibial Augments Now Available!

Augments are now available for the full scope of FIT tibial trays. The expanded scope includes augments for Size 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 tibial trays. The implants and instruments…