Active Intelligence | Femoral Planning Protocol

In this video you will learn about the information that the Newton balancer provides on the femoral planning screen and what adjustments can be made on the all cuts femoral…

Active Intelligence | Rotation Objections

In this video you will learn about the most common objections that you may encounter regarding rotation and how to best handle those objections. 12-0002864 Rev A Training

GPS Knee | Acquisitions

In this video you will learn how to take knee acquisitions using the ExactechGPS system. You will also learn about the best practices when taking acquisitions and how those acquisitions…

GPS Knee | Market Dynamics

In this video you will learn about how the market is shifting towards technology and how ExactechGPS compares to robotics. We will also review the features and benefits of Newton…

GPS Knee | Pin Site Study Review

In this video Paul Mikler will review a case study regarding fractures through pin sites and the most common reported risk factors. 12-0002861 Rev A Training