Are Patients Finding Your Surgeons Online?

Exactech Direct-to-Patient Digital Marketing Update

We’re supporting your sales efforts by driving potential patients to Exactech surgeons with digital ads. Patients searching Google for keywords like “shoulder surgeon near me,” will see Exactech ads at the top of their search results. When the patient clicks on the ad, they’re taken to our surgeon locator and encouraged to call our surgeons or visit their websites.

These ads bring 15,000 patients to our surgeon locator every month. Do your surgeons know we’re helping grow their practices? These are a few of the customers getting attention from potential patients:

  • Dr. Barton Harris
  • Dr. Richard Jones
  • Dr. Singh Hardy
  • Dr. Tim van de Leur
  • Dr. David Novak

Want to know more? Contact Colleen Raccioppi ( for the impact in your area and for surgeon-specific dashboards that you can share with your customers.