Breaking News: Size Does Matter

Announcing Full Launch of Equinoxe® Small Reverse.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the our newest shoulder implant that focuses on meeting the needs of both our surgeons and patients.

The Small Reverse Shoulder, based on a proprietary CT analysis, is designed to treat patients with a small glenohumeral anatomy. Its anatomic pear-shaped baseplate is 25 percent smaller than our current standard reverse baseplate. In addition, the newest version of the ExactechGPS® Shoulder Application features it.

This new product is just a “small” part of the Equinoxe family. Special thanks to you and our design team for helping us achieve pilot and limited launch result goals. Not only have we converted standard Equinoxe reverse baseplate customers, but also some very high-volume competitive surgeons!

To gain access to this new product, please fill out the  Small Reverse Target Surgeon Survey Form. If you’ve already filled it out, thank you for your valuable feedback! Now contact your regional sales manager for authorization. This feedback helped us prioritize consignment set allocations and provide better target visibility.

Below, you’ll find several helpful resources to help educate you and your surgeon customers on this new product. As always, we are here and ready to help you. Please contact Shannon Vaughn with any questions.

Ordering Information

  • Small Reverse Implant KIT
  • Small Reverse Instrument KIT
  • Small Reverse Augment Implant Optional KIT
  • Small Reverse Augment Instrument Optional KIT
  • Small Reverse Expanded Glenosphere Implant Optional KIT
  • Small Reverse Expanded Glenosphere Instrument Optional KIT

Overview Brochure
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Product Sheet
SKU: 718-04-12

Small Reverse Baseplate Operative Technique
SKU: 718-04-45 Rev B

Small Reverse Augment Glenoid Operative Technique Addendum
SKU: 00-0000401

Launch Memo
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