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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Orthopaedics

The lack of diversity within the orthopaedics industry has been well documented over the past several years. Since the 1970s the percentage of women entering medicine has steadily increased, and currently 51% of matriculating medical students are female.

Doctor Surgeon showing patient shoulder range of motion

The Impact of Preoperative Patient Education on Clinical Outcomes

A 2017 study published in the Current Reviews on Musculoskeletal Medicine stated that patient education prior to joint replacement surgery has been shown to decrease anxiety, improve post-operative pain control, provide more realistic expectations of surgery, and increase the patient’s understanding of their surgery.

The Power of Data Collection

With 35 collection sites across the United States and Europe, the Equinoxe database includes information on demographics, comorbidities, implant specifics, 7 PROMs, ROM, radiographic data, and complications—all using standardized forms—for more than 10,000 shoulder cases. This multi-center collection using standardized forms creates the volume of evidence needed to produce the necessary statistical power for accurate analysis of the data.

Unique to the Vantage fixed-bearing total ankle system is the locking clip technology that secures the polyethylene to the tibial tray.

A New Perspective in Total Ankle Arthroplasty

As a group, arguably we have unparalleled clinical and research experience with TAA. Each of us has formulated potential improvements to the existing body of knowledge of TAA and has had some hand in the improvement of existing total ankle systems or development of potential new systems.