Screw Length vs Quantity in rTSA

Screw Length and Quantity in rTSA

Jay J. King, MD Read complete study: Impact of screw length and screw quantity on reverse total shoulder arthroplasty glenoid fixation for 2 different sizes of glenoid baseplates Even though reverse…
Opiod free shoulder arthroplasty

Opioid-Free Shoulder Arthroplasty: Are We There Yet?

Thomas Obermeyer, MD Read complete study: Opioid-free shoulder arthroplasty: a prospective study of a novel clinical care pathway As the evolution of shoulder arthroplasty permits progressively shorter lengths of hospital…
Doctor and Surgeon showing shoulder randge of motion

The Effect of Glenoid Component Lucency on Outcomes

Kaveh Sajadi, MD Read complete study: Glenoid component lucencies are associated with poorer patient-reported outcomes following anatomic shoulder arthroplasty The volume of shoulder replacements performed has grown exponentially in the…
ExactechGPS and Equinoxe Shoulder Navigation Surgery

Navigated Ream and Run Procedure with ExactechGPS

Moby Parsons, MD The Ream and Run shoulder replacement is a great option for younger patients with shoulder arthritis who have failed conservative treatment yet wish to maintain a high…
Accelerate PRP

PRP: Should I Be Using It?

Kaveh Sajadi, MD PRP, platelet-rich plasma, is touted by some to be a revolutionary treatment with the potential to heal or alleviate any number of ailments, from arthritis to tendinopathies…

Scapular Fractures After RSA – The Bane of Our Existence

Stephanie Muh, MD Read complete study: Scapular fracture in reverse shoulder arthroplasty (Grammont Style): prevalence, functional, and radiographic results with minimum 5-year follow up The development of postoperative scapular spine…