The World’s First Machine Learning-Derived Outcome Measure

Shoulder Arthroplasty Smart Score: The World’s First Machine Learning-Derived Outcome Measure | Surgeons and researchers worldwide can now quantify shoulder patient outcomes with a new, more efficient measure called “Smart Score”.

Computer screen is showing Predict+, which is a machine learning tool that helps to better predict patient outcomes

Using Machine Learning to Predict Patient Outcomes

Teaming up with KenSci, a data science company located in Seattle, Wash., Exactech has been at the forefront of using ML to better predict outcomes and complications after shoulder arthroplasty. This work is based on Exactech’s clinical database which includes over 11,000 patient visits from 35 centers around the world–all using a standardized data collection tool that records information on demographics, diagnosis, comorbidities, preoperative function, implant information and post-operative function at multiple time points. Predict+ was built on ML algorithms which established a 19-input minimal feature set that was most highly predictive of outcomes and complications after anatomic or reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

The image points out the glenoid part of the shoulder construct where superior glenoid wear can occur.

What About Superior Erosion?

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Managing patient expectation for external rotation after reverse shoulder arthroplasty

Managing Expectations for External Rotation After RSA

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